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As co-authors of The Fortunate Few, we want to inspire you in realizing your potential and attaining the lifestyle you desire. We are committed to providing quality information and tools to empower people like you to reach your goals. Enjoy your journey and share your experience with us.


Financial Freedom, Financial Independence, or simply put, being among The Fortunate Fewбизнес You are here reading this article because you’ve finally figured out you want to be financially free.  Like us, you want to retire in 10 years or less and give up this working culture we learned so well.  You finally realize there is [...]

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Money Sense

Dan and Carole mentioned on the Money Sense special section on the Best discount brokerages.sports74.ru Trading online has never been cheaper or easier, but with more choice comes more confusion. In our third annual survey, we help you find the discount brokerage that suits your investing stylekahovka-service You can read the article here:  Money Sense – Best discount brokerages (133 [...]

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Le couple Carole Drouin et Daniel Lavigne, qui ont tous deux été à l’emploi du Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud, elle comme relationniste, lui comme informaticien, vivent depuis trois ans comme des rentiers et partagent la recette de leur succès dans un nouveau livre, The Fortunate Few, disponible en format électronique et imprimé.berryjam.ru Un [...]

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Win a trip to Costa Rica

This is a detached home that sleeps 4 with fully equipped kitchen, fridge, gas stove, clothes washer. Fully furnished with linens, dishes, coffee maker, toaster, etc. One bathroom with shower and hot water. Air-conditioning included and fans in each room. Large outdoor patio next to a large palm tree and a beautiful pool. Plenty of [...]

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The Book

Here comes a fresh educational book on financial tools and strategies, with short stories about a couple who work their way to financial freedom and retire young, becoming financially free and living a life full of passion, love and adventure.  Yes these things happen to real people. Join Daniel and Carole on their journey as [...]

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