Equity is power (Chapter 6)

Build equity, and invest now.

If you have paid down a substantial amount on your home mortgage, then you have equity.  Home equity is your portion of the value of what your home is worth.  I say portion because your lender has their portion of the total value invested in your home as well. It is important to understand home equity, although equity does not only pertain to your home; it can also be other valuables that you own.  In this case, we will talk about home equity, because most people build equity in their properties.  Home equity is an asset, so it is important to understand this.

My colleague is also pursuing his own goals and hoping to retire soon. He has built his own home and bought and sold many houses in a short time hoping to build up profit. Although it is possible to make money by flipping homes, it’s hard to come out on the winning side of this equation because of the fees weighing down your profit:  mortgage fees, real estate agent fees, lawyer fees, land transfer fees, land transfer tax, Mortgage Insurance fees (CMHC), etc. Also, if the house you are selling is not your primary residence, you have to pay capital gains tax . We encourage people to hang on to their home longer to build equity and use the value of their property to leverage money, to borrow from the bank and  invest again. Also, by having equity build in your home you can now turn your mortgage into a taxable investment.  Read the chapter (6) on the Smith Maneuver.

Chapter 6

So let us explain how your largest non-deductible debt can be turned into a deductible investment loan.

Smith Maneuver

In Canada, it is legal to borrow money to invest in an income-producing venture, such as a second mortgage, a dividend-paying stock or even a property.

Chapter 7

Most of us as parents believe paying for our children's education is the best option, but is it?

Is Paying for Your Children's Education Your Responsibility?

Perhaps helping them with the down payment on their first home is a smarter choice!

Chapter 9

Financial education is important. The more they understand about finances, the more skilled and successful people will become.

Diversifying strategy

There’s no perfect tool or strategy in the measurement of risk. However, as investors we learned the value of diversifying and understanding the power of investing.

Chapter 8

Second mortgage investments: lending out money at high interest to potential clients against the value of their home.

Three elements that make up for a good second mortgage investment.

Asset / Collateral

Available Cash

Quality Borrower

Procrastination – Chapter 1

It is our pleasure to introduce you to five individuals:  Mr. Shoulda, Mr. Coulda, Mrs. Woulda, Miss Poorme and finally Mrs. Didit.


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      • What is it like to wake up when your body is rested, without an alarm clock?
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I’ve been investing for the past 8 years and am a landlord myself.  This book thaught me some things I didn’t know about.  Very interesting concepts, thanks so much!
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