Financial Freedom

It’s 7:45 AM, but no alarm sounds for us anymore. The birds are chirping loudly, which begins to stimulate my senses. My body and mind start to awaken from a peaceful sleep. The curtains are moving freely in the warm breeze. I open my eyes to see the love of my life peacefully sleeping next to me. I slide against her and give her a gentle kiss on the lips. Then I move back to watch her as she slowly awakens from a deep, calm, stress-free sleep. What a life we have! How lucky I am to have my love lying next to
me. How lucky we are to be living this life of freedom, to do as we wish, to wake up when our bodies and minds wish to. She opens her eyes and gives me a little smile and says, “Bonjour, mon amour.” “Good morning,” I answer, looking into her beautiful face.

The continuation of this story can be found in our book The Fortunate Few page 12 Preface.  However, ask yourself for a minute; what would it be like, never to wake up to an alarm clock?  Perhaps simply allowing yourself to wake up naturally every day or allowing the birds singing or waves from the beach to wake you up?  What would it be like to plan your days as you wish, do what you want or better yet just relax.

Welcome to our lifestyle.

Why Us?
Maybe you’re wondering whether you can attain this kind of freedom. We believe that with a plan and determination and by following the steps to reach your goals, anyone can achieve success. Why not you? We have always been interested in learning about and from people who live their desired lifestyles. We have read many biographies and often make an effort to meet with those who were willing to share their recipes for success and to talk about their motivation. If you decide you will take the necessary steps, commit to them and really apply yourself, you can achieve anything. In our opinion, it takes approximately 10 years to become a true professional at what you do. If you keep your focus and are determined to devote your time and energy for at least 10 years, you will achieve your goals.
For us, success does not mean only doing well at your job, but also setting up a plan, investing in real estate, investing in yourself, saving and working toward your goals and objectives. In our book we
explain in detail how we organized our plan and how we applied it to gain financial freedom, which now allows us to live the lifestyle we desire. We credit our success to planning and to taking action – it takes drive and energy to implement a plan like ours. We aren’t sharing this with you to show off, we simply want to impress upon you how you can also achieve your goals and live the ultimate lifestyle you have always wanted.  Friends, family and colleagues often asked how we were able to retire so young and live this amazing lifestyle. When we explained our approach, some suggested we write a book. So we did just that, recognizing that writing a book, coupled with developing a website, would be a great way to help others achieve financial freedom like we did.

This book offers insight into our own journey to financial independence. We hope you enjoy it and that you also attain all your desires.  Please share your success with us, we would love to hear from you.

Sincerely, Daniel and Carole

The Fortunate Few

Pura Vida

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It’s time to be financially free and do what it is you want with your life.