Here comes a fresh educational book on financial tools and strategies, with short stories about a couple who work their way to financial freedom and retire young, becoming financially free and living a life full of passion, love and adventure.  Yes these things happen to real people. Join Daniel and Carole on their journey as they share how a normal, average Canadian couple succeeds and lives a life some only dream of.   Are you ready to be among The Fortunate Few?

If your goal is to retire young or if you just want to be inspired to live your dream, this book is for you.  Daniel Lavigne and Carole Drouin retired in their 40s, yet, they were average income earners and lived a modest life.  You can do it too! This no-nonsense guide focuses on retiring early at whatever age you desire. You will learn:

1-   The meaning of financial independence

2-   The importance of a to-do list

3-   Good debt vs bad debt

4-   Budgeting and your pay

5-   Planning

6-   The importance of time management and automation

7-   Smith manoeuver

8-   The step-by-step formula for success

9-   and more …

If attaining financial freedom and retiring young appeals to you, then this straightforward, easy-to-read book is a must!